Our Wedding Bouquet Terms & Conditions

Brides that are interested in our wedding bouquets and our other wedding flower arrangements can look through our terms and conditions to learn more about the policies involved with ordering from Blushing Bride Bouquets. We care about informing every customer of the specifics that might come up through their process with us so that they know exactly what to expect when ordering from Blushing Bride Bouquets. If any of our terms and conditions needs more explanation or you have a question about your order that is unaddressed here, we encourage you to reach out on our contact page for more information.

Late Fees

Rental items that are ordered with Blushing Bride Bouquets are rented for five days, arriving 3 days before your event, with the arrangements being returned on the next business day. So, if your wedding is on a Saturday, or the next day of the week would be a holiday, you will not be charged the typical late fee. Late fees for our rental products are $25 per day for any order that has not been shipped by the required date.

Wedding Order Cancelations

As long as your wedding order has been canceled more than 90 days before the date of your wedding, you are eligible for a full refund of all money put toward the order. If an order is canceled within 90 days of your wedding, the 50% deposit paid toward the order is forfeit. Bridal bouquets that have been purchased are nonrefundable.

Sample Order Cancelations

Blushing Bride Bouquet’s sample orders are not eligible for cancelation once an order has been placed, and the product must still be returned as usual.

Unreturned Products

If a product has not been returned to us or has been damaged beyond a simple repair, Blushing Bride Bouquets will charge the customer a fee that is 150% of the rental cost of the product in order to replace the product.

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