How to Order Artificial Wedding Flowers

By choosing a company that deals in artificial wedding flowers, you can get the perfect bouquet, centerpieces, aisle markers, and more that provide great visual appeal to your wedding and reception without raising the price too high for your decorations. Brides that are interested in seeing what our artificial flowers look like in person may also choose to order a sample before they decide on making an official order. If they decide they like it enough to choose us for their special day, they can take the following steps:

Step 1 - Choose

Step 2 - Receive

Step 3 - Celebrate

Step 4 - Return

  1. Any interested bride may view our Collections, make a selection for ordering, and pay a 50% deposit for the order.
  2. We mail your artificial wedding flowers 3 days before the date of the wedding with a shipping label included for returns.
  3. The flowers are used for the wedding, providing a beautiful and memorable experience.
  4. The bride then ships the flowers back using the return label provided in the original package.
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